Stories of Good in Our City


Photo: Livestonewest    Graphic Design: Laura Knight Beebe   

Have you noticed all the cranes that seem to perpetually dominate our city skyline?  This tells me that companies see our city as a place worth investing in.  Since moving to Charlotte in 2006, I have noticed we have a city full of incredible people who deem it worthy of investment as well - they give of themselves and invest in the people of our city.  

Another observation I’ve had - these stories of acts of kindness and generosity often go untold.  Maya Angelou says “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  Social Good CLT is seeking to tell untold stories in our city and, in doing so, we hope these stories of change makers inspire others to do good.

We want to share the stories of those in our city who are instigating change. We want to make Charlotte known as a hub of people who are choosing to do good with their lives. And we want to do this with a quality that makes it near impossible to ignore.

Social Good CLT is a collection of some of the Queen City's most talented creatives. We are bringing together writers, photographers, graphic designers, social media experts and story collectors. Twice a week we will share a blog post and a short story about someone or some entity that is doing good in our city.  We ask that you share this social good with others - that you nominate people, businesses, programs and nonprofits that are helping to make a difference. We want to help share their story and broaden their reach.

Social Good Charlotte - Inspiring our city to do good by sharing stories of change makers.