Stories of Good in Our City
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You have 2 choices - Photo Shoots are geared towards our blog entries so the shoots are more involved. Social Media Pictures are shoots where we are looking for a choice of 2 photos.
You have 2 choices - Stories are longer stories that will be featured on our weekly blog entry. Short Form Stories are shorter in length (paragraph).
We understand that some people are skilled at all of these areas. We would like for you to focus on pouring into one area that would be under the entire Branding Team
We are looking for 3-4 people to help coordinate stories with our creative team. You will need to follow up with each person who has been assigned to the story. (you must be detail oriented)
In this position you will need to help create a cohesive format for our stories. You must have a high standard for the quality of stories we share. You will help work with writers as they submit stories. You will also help with giving writers a framework that fits SGCLT's culture .
This team is key in helping put the details together, they help organize and keep SGCLT moving forward.